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POSTED BY || 7 December 2005

Even when Garcillano disappeared, his media presence did not wane as the press pondered and posited on his possible whereabouts in both the mainstream press and in journalists’ blogs. Now, the “Garci” coverage is back in full swing.

In his blog, journalist Ricky Carandang said that he had “the distinct impression that (Garcilano’s) impending public appearance is being arranged in defiance of his handlers’ wishes” based on his interview with Garcillano’s wife and other sources.

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) posted in its blog on Dec. 2 the charges the Black and White Movement is contemplating to file against Garcillano, among them possible violations of the Revised Penal Code and the Omnibus Election Code.

On ANC, sociology professor Randy David told program anchor Gene Orejana in a Nov. 30 program that he believed that Garcillano’s reappearance is “calibrated” and “carefully plotted.”

Malaya columnist J.A. dela Cruz on Dec. 3 posed several questions upon the reappearance of Garcillano, such as the real identity of “Joel T. Sanchez”, whose name, he said, “keeps cropping in a number of documents ranging from airplane tickets to hotel registrations to intelligence reports and related tell-tale advisories from various sources” in the controversy.

Meanwhile, Mindanao journalist Carol Arguillas also took note how the term “Muslim” has been wrongly used by Manila-based journalists to refer to things like language (“men who spoke the ‘Muslim language’”) and the headgear worn by Garcillano in his Nov. 27 ABS-CBN interview as a “Muslim scarf.” In her blog, she posted links explaining to journalists when and when not to use the term “Muslim” in their reports. ###

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