(PART 2) Reporting ‘Yolanda’: More needed from the media
Posted in Ethics, Journalism Review on 24 December 2013
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Media should always learn from past experience, but climate change and the unprecedented magnitude of recent disasters signal a new level of learning. The media mind set needs to break away from the passive, reactive mode and re-evaluate its role as information provider.

(PART 1) Reporting ‘Yolanda’: More needed from the media
Posted in Ethics, Journalism Review on 23 December 2013
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“The media have roles to play before, during, and after a disaster. In many incidents, journalists are among the first to arrive on the scene and report on events as they unfold; they are first informers in the disaster zone. Media and communication technologies can greatly aid or hinder efforts to prepare citizens for threats; convey important, lifesaving information during a crisis; assist in rescues, reunions, and relocations; support relief efforts; and promote accountability after the fact. At the same time, journalists are themselves vulnerable to the hazardous situations on which they report.” (“First Informers in the Disaster Zone: The Lessons of Katrina”, Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, 2006)

A Year After: The Press and the Aug. 23 Hostage Taking
Posted in Ethics, Media education on 23 August 2011
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One year after the bloody Aug. 23, 2010 hostage taking incident in Manila, has the Philippine press learned any lesson from the coverage?

Self regulation vs. government intervention: CMFR holds RTD on crisis coverage guidelines
Posted in Media watch on 15 October 2010
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The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) gathered news managers and reporters from several news organizations last Sept. 8 to discuss the media’s need to firmly adopt and implement internal and community-wide editorial and ethical guidelines, if again faced with crisis situations similar to the Aug. 23 hostage crisis.

Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility