PJR Reports July – August 2011
Posted in Media watch on 6 September 2011
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THE MEDIA whether old (print and broadcast) or new (blogs, online news, and social networking sites) were once again in the center of attention in July and August, as they had been a year ago during the Aug. 23, 2010 hostage-taking incident.

The attention was not necessarily public, being mostly limited to media students, critics, and some practitioners, and was not in the same category of disturbing behavior as that displayed by certain media organizations and practitioners during the hostage-taking crisis. But the reason for the attention was unsettling enough.

Are there limits to social media use?
Posted in Media literacy, Media watch on 5 September 2011
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What happened to motorist and University of the Philippines law student Christopher Lao was an issue of social media excess more than of journalism ethics.

GMA News reported the different situations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces following days of heavy rains and flooding last Aug. 2. But, a segment of reporter Jun Veneracion’s story caught the attention of a viewer and uploaded it on YouTube.

Broadcast media fomented the “Poleteismo” controversy
Posted in Ethics, Media watch on 5 September 2011
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THE BROUHAHA over visual artist Mideo Cruz’ “Poleteismo”(Polytheism) was the result of deliberate sensationalism by ABS-CBN 2’s “investigative” program XXX.

By focusing on Cruz’ art installation (especially on its most controversial images) and falsely linking it to the raging and bitterly divisive reproductive health (RH) bill debate, XXX provoked outrage over Cruz’ work, resulting in the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) taking down the “Kulo” (Boil) exhibit of which it was a part.

Palace draft of freedom of info bill: Focus on restrictions?
Posted in Freedom of Information, Media watch on 5 September 2011
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A scan of the initial draft of the Aquino administration’s Freedom of Information (FOI) bill reveals a focus on restricting rather than enhancing the right to information. The administration bill expands the list of information exempt from public disclosure, and through that alone already restricts the right to information.

Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility